October 18-25, 2004

Ageus Solutions unveils end-to-end compliance services to meet EU WEEE, RoHS rules

Ageus Solutions has introduced a complete package of specialized logistical, operational, financial, and engineering products and services to help clients comply with the European Union (EU) Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment (WEEE) legislation.

The Ottawa-based company works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their contract manufacturers to help them comply quickly and cost-effectively with the European Union's WEEE and Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) environmental regulations and guidelines.

The compliance service package includes:

* a WEEE strategic plan: Ageus will collaborate with the client to develop a plan for meeting the stringent WEEE producer requirements and timelines.

* product requirements: Ageus will work with the client to meet the specific product requirements for involvement with EU national clearing-houses and collection services. This includes providing the logistical knowledge to meet product marking, data, financial, and engineering requirements.

* data gathering and assessment: Leveraging its bill of material assessment service and comprehensive compliance database, Ageus provides a full reporting strategy for all critical WEEE-related parameters. Working with the individual reporting requirements of its clients, the company uses its interactive user-friendly parts database to streamline the WEEE data gathering and fulfillment process. This database centralizes WEEE and RoHS information, and provides clients a clear appraisal of their product status, along with a platform to progress into full WEEE recycling compliance.

"Meeting the WEEE recycling requirements of the European Union is a complex task for any company," says Ageus president Bruce Calder. "At Ageus, we remove the complexity and uncertainty that can frequently define this process. Ageus Solutions clears the path for continued and streamlined product sales in Europe."

More information is available from Ageus Solutions, 613/688-5629, E-mail info@ageussolutions.com, Web site www.ageussolutions.com.

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