March 22, 2004

EMA, CleanAir Canada to create new chapter to serve growing environmental markets

The Emissions Marketing Association (EMA) and CleanAir Canada are joining forces to create EMA Canada, a chapter of EMA International. Initially EMA International will include chapters serving the United States, the European Union and Canada. Other chapters are also being developed to serve the needs of emerging environmental markets.

"EMA and CleanAir Canada recognize that there is a shared mission between the organizations in providing education, outreach and technical services to their respective memberships," said Matthew Most, head of EMA's board of directors. "By uniting memberships, resources and energy, the new EMA Canada will be much better situated to serve the growing environmental markets in Canada and North America," he added.

The agreement between the two organizations will also strengthen the existing CleanAir Canada Registry by making it a service of EMA International. The Registry will, however, continue to be operated by CleanAir Canada under contract to the EMA. CleanAir Canada chairman Peter Chant explained that "combining CleanAir Canada's existing registry assets with EMA's brand and the support of the EMA organization and its membership will foster development of trading markets for environmental management."

As the new federation structure takes shape, EMA will become the Environmental Markets Association to recognize the expansion of EMA into other emerging environmental markets, such as renewable energy credits and water rights.

The Emissions Marketing Association, an international nonprofit trade association based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was established in 1997 to promote market-based trading solutions for environmental management. Today EMA consists of more than 250 members from 190 companies worldwide. EMA is the world's largest membership-based organization dedicated to advancing environmental markets.

CleanAir Canada, based in Toronto, is an independent, not-for-profit organization committed to excellence in the development, operation and expanded use of local and global emission reduction market mechanisms in Canada. It is Canada's largest experienced-based knowledge centre for emission reduction and trading. Its membership is built on the volunteer efforts of a diverse organizations representing wide-ranging interest in the environment.

More Information is available from Ray Rivers at CleanAir Canada, 416/922-2903, FAX 416/922-5126, E-Mail, or from Daniel Chartier of the Emissions Marketing Association, 301/280-5530, FAX 301/280-5517, E-Mail

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