July 4, 2005

Proposed Ontario rule will require 5% ethanol content in gasoline

TORONTO, ONT-The Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) has proposed an ethanol in gasoline regulation under the Environmental Protection Act. Aimed at implementingthe province's renewable fuel standard (RFS), the regulation would require a fuel supplier's annual gasoline sales to achieve an average content of 5% ethanol, effectivee January 1, 2007. The regulation is expected to reduce carbon monoxide and benzene emissions, through reduced dependence on fossil-based carbon fuels. The MOE also estimates that the regulation will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 800,000 tonnes per year. The draft regulation has been posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights registry for a 60-day comment period ending August 16, 2005 (www.ene.gov.on.ca, reference No RA05E0010).

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