July 4, 2005

Ottawa contributes $9M to protect habitat for species at risk

OTTAWA, ONT-The federal government is providing $9.2 million to help protect species at risk and their habitat. The funding will support 153 projects carried out across Canada under the auspices of the federal Habitat Stewardship Program (HSP). Now in its sixth year of operation, the HSP's goal is to contribute to the recovery and protection of species listed under the Species at Risk Act as endangered, threatened or of special concern. Program projects cover a wide range of stewardship activities. In the Yukon, for example, stewards are protecting calving woodland caribou habitat to assist in rebuilding the diminished herd. Another HSP project, through targeted public awareness and education programs, will manage near-shore habitat degradation and loss to aid recovery of the Lake Winnipeg physa snail. The HSP, a partnership-based conservation initiative, is managed co-operatively by Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Parks Canada, and is administered by Environment Canada.

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