July 4, 2005

Mexican engineering firm to promote CO2 Solutions technology for high GHG emitting industry sectors

QUEBEC CITY, QUE-As a result of an agreement in principle between CO2 Solution and a Mexican firm, Ingenieria en Administracion de Contratos SA de C (IAC), signed on June 7, the two companies have begun negotiations to have IAC promote CO2 Solution's technology in Mexico, with the eventual aim of building an industrial facility. René Sanchez, IAC's CEO said CO2 Solution's technology for carbon dioxide management and reduction will benefit Mexican industry sectors that emit large quantities of greenhouse gases, such as power generation and lime production. SO2 Solutions says the agreement between the two firms will allow Canada to participate in the fight against climate change through the clean development mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. Through the CDM, greenhouse gas emission reductions achieved in certain countries through the use of Canadian technologies can be applied to the Canadian reduction objective of 270 million tons of CO2. IAC provides consulting engineering services for infrastructure development projects, specializing in the field of environmental protection.

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