October 6, 2003

Ottawa begins second auction round for GHG emission reductions from eligible projects

OTTAWA, ONT-The federal government has launched the second round of the $15-million Pilot Emissions Removals, Reductions and Learning (PERRL) initiative. Building on the success of the first auction round, PERRL is allocating $2.5 million for the second round, to encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the area of renewable energy. The government anticipates signing the first purchase agreements before the end of this year. PERRL is designed to give Canadian companies and organizations an economic incentive to take immediate action to reduce GHG emissions through projects in strategically important sectors. Through this program, the federal government is purchasing GHG emission reductions from qualified eligible projects on a fixed-price-per-tonne basis. Projects are selected and reductions are purchased through a competitive auction process. By working together with municipalities and industry, PERRL has committed $4.5 million to new climate change projects in the areas of landfill gas combustion and CO2 geological storage. These new projects will create nearly one million tonnes of GHG emissions reductions by the end of 2007. Project submissions are being accepted until November 21, 2003 through the government's MERX electronic tendering service at www.merx.com. More information on the PERRL initiative, including how to participate, is available on the program's Web site, www.ec.gc.ca/PERRL.
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