October 6, 2003

Toronto Port Authority to proceed with fixed link to island

TORONTO, ONT-The Toronto Port Authority (TPA) has decided to proceed with the fixed link project, a plan to build a moveable bridge from the city to Toronto Island. "After extensive study and public input and taking into account the implementation of mitigation measures, we have concluded the project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects," said Lisa Raitt, CEO and Harbourmaster. "As such, the TPA has decided to proceed with the project." The decision follows the TPA's review of the final Environmental Assessment (EA) Screening Report, completed in August, and reflects its consideration of relevant factors, including public comments received. The TPA conducted an EA of the potential effects of the proposed bridge. The EA included extensive investigations, review and analyses with the assistance of experts in various disciplines. Public comments were received throughout the process, until September 15, 2003. The planned drawbridge-style link would be built at the foot of Bathurst Street in downtown Toronto, extending 122 metres (400 feet) across the Western Channel to the Toronto City Centre Airport, which is operated by the TPA. The bridge would replace the existing ferry service and would provide access for emergency response vehicles. More information is available from Lisa Raitt, TPA CEO and Harbourmaster, 416/863-2016, or on the TPA Web site, www.torontoport.com.
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