August 26, 2002

EBR REGISTRY (August 26, 2002)


Stelco appeals C of A conditions

Stelco has appealed certain conditions attached to the approval recently granted for its installation of new in-duct scrubbing sprays and demister spray system at the company's Hilton Works site (ELW August 5). Stelco is appealing the limits set for dioxins and furans, noting that the new technology will not be tested until later this year to determine whether it can meet the prescribed limits. The company says the technology may not be capable of achieving the limits. Stelco is also appealing a requirement the reported detection limit for dioxins and furans be used as the amount present for an isomer. The company contends that the requirement is unreasonable. (Registry reference No IA01E1469)


Drinking Water Protection regs amended

Amendments to Ontario Regulation 459/00, Drinking Water Protection-Larger Water Works, have extended the deadline for compliance with the minimum treatment requirement from December 31, 2002 to July 1, 2003. A temporary exemption from chemical testing and quarterly reporting for seasonal systems will remain in place until the end of 2002, while a third amendment references, until December 31, 2002, a new protocol to provide consistent procedures for undertaking corrective actions for seasonal systems without minimum treatment in place. The amendments also include revised or new standards for uranium (which has been revised from 0.1 fo 0.02 mg/L), fluoride (revised from 0.8-1.2 to 0.5-0.8 mg/L) and bromate (a new standard of 0.01 mg/L). (Registry reference No RA01E0026)

File closed on Kitchener waste site

The Ministry of Environment has closed the file on a proposal by General Environmental Group, in Brampton, to establish a waste disposal site in Kitchener. The proposed soil recycling facility would have treated contaminated soils and foundry sands using bioremediation, with the resulting cleaned material used as feedstock for cement kilns or daily cover for landfills. The original proposal generated substantial public concern, prompting the Ministry to extend the comment period. It closed the file, however, without granting approval as a result of the company's failure to provide additional technical information as required by the Ministry in its review. At the same time, the file was closed on a concurrent application for an air certificate of approval for the proposed facility. (Registry reference Nos IA01E0543 and IA01E0560)

Closure plan ordered for mine site

International Graphite has been issued a Director's order under the Mining Act requiring the company to file a certified closure plan for its Kearney graphite mine site, in the district of Nipissing. The plan is to provide for rehabilitation of mine hazards at the site, including the tailings area, tailings dam, polishing pond, open pit, buildings and infrastructure, and the waste rock pile. (Registry reference No ID02E1004)

Order issued for OMC Canada site cleanup

A Director's order under the Environmental Protection Act has been issued to Outboard Marine Corporation of Canada (OMCC) and its U.S. parent company, Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC), pertaining to the cleanup of the former OMCC manufacturing site in Peterborough. Specifically, the order accepts and requires implementation of activities set out in a draft remedial action plan (RAP) addressing contamination of the east end of the site which is the source of a groundwater plume. The work, known as the East End Excavation, is to be carried out during the 2002 construction season. The order also allows funds provided by OMCC and OMC as financial assurance (in accordance with a previous directive) to be used for this work, to an amount not exceeding $800,000. (Registry reference No IA02E0469)


Stage 1 Nutrient Management Act regs

Stage 1 draft regulations and protocols under the Nutrient Management Act have been posted for a 60-day comment period running to October 19, 2002 (see story, this issue). (Registry reference No RC02E0001)

Ecological Land Acquisition program

The Ministry of Natural Resources has proposed an Ecological Land Acquisition (ELA) program as part of Ontario's Living Legacy initiative. The partnership-oriented program will challenge partners, such as conservation groups, conservation authorities, municipalities or private land trusts, to raise funds and leverage resources on at least a 1:1 resourcing ratio with the provincial program, in order to acquire ecologically significant lands. Comments on the proposal are due by September 16, 2002. (Registry reference No PB02E6013)

Pellet mill would process forest residues

NorWa Manufacturing and Distribution, in Wawa, has applied for approval to build and operate a wood pellet mill to produce wood fuel pellets for domestic and light industrial use. The proposed mill would use forest residues such as sawdust, chips and shavings from existing forest resource processing operations in the area. Initial requirements would be 4,000 tons of sawdust per year, increasing to a capacity of 12,000 tons annuallly. In addition to diverting waste materials from landfills, the plant would produce no emissions or grey water. Comments are due by September 11, 2002. (Registry reference No IB02E2003)

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