March 8, 2004

Company, supervisor convicted for illegal waste disposal, inaction on provincial order

OTTAWA, ONT-Arctic Demolition and RÈal Legault, a supervisor within the company, were recently convicted on eight charges relating to unauthorized waste disposal and failing to comply with a provincial officer order; they were fined a total of $7,800 and levied a 25% victim fine surcharge. In response to complaints from Ottawa municipal staff and Ministry of Natural Resources personnel, the Ministry of Environment (MOE) inspected the Arctic Demolition site, and found demolition wastes, including concrete, wood, metal, plastic, and polystyrene. Large piles of brush, drywall, cardboard, and wood were also present. A provincial officer order issued by the MOE in January 2002 required the company and RÈal Legault to cease depositing waste, to transfer all wastes to a licensed waste disposal facility, to submit receipts for the approved waste disposal, and to retain the services of a qualified environmental consulting company to prepare a detailed work plan to address the cleanup of buried waste material at the site. A subsequent investigation revealed that waste was still being stored on the site and that the requirements under the order had not been carried out. Arctic Demolition and Legault were convicted of one charge each of using facilities and equipment for the storage, handling, collection, and disposal of waste without approval, in contravention of Section 41 of the Environmental Protection Act. The company was convicted on one charge and Legault was convicted on three charges of failing to comply with an order, in violation of Section 186(2) of the Act; he was fined for one conviction but received suspended sentences for the other two. The company received fines totaling $1,800 and has six months to pay. Legault's fines totaled $6,000 and he has one year to pay.
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