March 8, 2004

Alberta adopts CASA framework for improving emissions from electricity generation

EDMONTON, ALTA-The Alberta government has formally accepted and will adopt all of the recommendations made by the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) for improving air emissions standards for electricity generation (ELW January 12, 2004). Aimed at continuous improvement, the framework calls for any new, coal-fired electricity plant built in Alberta to meet the province's "clean as gas" standard announced in 2001. Implementation of the framework by January 1, 2006, will reduce emissions of mercury 50% by the end of 2009; sulfur dioxide, 46% by 2025; nitrogen dioxide 32% by 2025; and particulate matter 51% by 2025. Environment Minister Lorne Taylor noted that the strength of this framework is that it works both for industry and for the environmental community. "The Clean Air Strategic Alliance is a shining example of how to deal with complex environmental issues where you need to find a balance between environmental protection and economic development," he said. "The process involved in developing this overall framework is just as important as what it will achieve." The report, An Emissions Management Framework for the Alberta Electricity Sector Report to Stakeholders, may be viewed on-line at
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