March 1, 2004

Fuel cell developer granted power generator licence

KINGSTON, ONT-FCT has been issued a licence by the Ontario Energy Board allowing the company to generate 250 kilowatts (kW) of electricity to the year 2024. The licence is an important step in FCT's transition to manufacturing. Part of the test phase of producing its 5 kW Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) product involves running the units on-site at FCT's research and production facilities in Kingston. At times, however the power generated from testing exceeds FCT's requirements, making surplus electrical power available for supply to the grid. "We went through the exercise of qualifying as a power generator for good economic reasons, as well as to better understand the regulatory climate," said FCT president Dr John Stannard. The company also reports that it carried out successful testing of the second generation of its 5 kW SOFC in late 2003. "This is an exciting step towards a less expensive and more electrically efficient system," Dr Stannard noted. Enhancements to this version are being made, with shipments are planned for later this year. More information is available from J Christopher McFarlane, FCT's chief financial officer, 613/541-6125, E-mail
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