February 9, 2004

Workshop will gather input on draft refinery emissions reduction framework document

The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) is inviting public participation in the development of a National Framework for Petroleum Refinery Emissions Reductions (NFPRER). As part of its consultation process, a National Workshop is being organized and facilitated by Marbek Resource Consultants, an independent consulting firm based in Ottawa. The workshop will be held February 25 and 26, 2004 in Ottawa. The purpose of the workshop is to provide information on the NFPRER and to obtain broad stakeholder input on the overall approach and on the elements of the framework.

The purpose of the framework is to provide Canadian jurisdictions responsible for regulating air emissions an overall approach they can use to set facility-wide emissions caps for a range of air pollutants from petroleum refineries. A National Framework for Petroleum Refinery Emission Reductions Discussion Document has been prepared, outlining the background and rational for the initiative, as well as a description of the proposed framework and relevant supporting information. This document will be the focal point for the workshop discussions, in the context of the elements developed so far and other key aspects still in the development process.

Five elements make up the framework. The first three are termed "national" items and include: a methodology to help jurisdictions determine priorities and set facility-wide refinery emission caps; a strategy for monitoring and reporting on refinery emission reductions; and a strategy to chart a ten-year path forward for the framework. These elements are proposed as a set of tools and guidance which the CCME will provide to jurisdictions.

The fourth element is jurisdictional management of refineries: individual jurisdictions will consider the tools and guidance from the framework and incorporate what they require into their existing air management programs for refineries. The final element is the periodic reporting on refinery emission reductions, based on information collected from jurisdictions and facilities. Included in this would also be a review of the ten-year strategy for the framework.

Workshop participants, as well as other interested parties, may send written comments (due by March 12, 2004) to NAICC-A Secretariat (Attn: Muriel Constantineau), Environment Canada, 10th Floor, 351 St Joseph Blvd, Gatineau, Que K1A 0H3, FAX 819/953-8903, E-mail: NFPRER@ec.gc.ca. The views received at the workshop, along with written submissions will be considered in finalizing the framework document.

More information on the workshop is available by calling (613) 523-0784, or by E-mail, NFPRERworkshop@marbek.ca .

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