March 1, 2004

Alta bill would update grazing management in forest reserve

EDMONTON, ALTA-Bill 13, the Forest Reserves Amendment Act, 2004, introduced in the Alberta Legislature last week, is aimed at ensuring livestock producers continued access for cattle grazing in the Rocky Mountains Forest Reserve while protecting the environment and enabling other land uses. Provisions in the legislation will: update the Act to reflect current practices in Alberta; address concerns about noxious and restricted weeds; increase penalties for violations of the Act; provide consistency with other existing laws; delete sections of the Act that are covered in other legislation; and provide a streamlined process for updating the Act as required. Livestock grazing has been carried out in this forested area since the early 1900s. It is considered a sustainable land use which helps manage natural grasses that can fuel wildfires. More information is available from Anna Kauffman, Alberta Sustainable Resources Management, 780/427-8636.
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