February 16, 2004

Pollution Probe releases primer on renewable energy technologies

CALGARY, ALTA-Pollution Probe last week released its new Primer on the Technologies of Renewable Energy in conjunction with a Green Power workshop it hosted in Calgary. The Primer has been developed to promote greater public understanding of the potential for shifting Canada's energy generation sources to cleaner and less greenhouse-gas intensive technologies. The 81-page booklet explains what renewable energy is and how it works--how water works as a renewable energy source; how wind can generate large amounts of electricity; solar power; and biomass technology which develops energy from agricultural crops, fast-growing trees and mill waste. "Renewable energy is...something all of us--as individuals, as corporate and government leaders--have to consider, as we face increasing demand for power, ever-dwindling supplies of some traditional fuels, and challenges such as global warming," said Pollution Probe executive director Ken Ogilvie. The Primer on the Technologies of Renewable Energy is available electronically at www.pollutionprobe.org/Publications/Energy.htm. More information is also available from Elizabeth Everhardus at Pollution Probe, 416/926-1907, ext 244.
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