February 2, 2004

Meat packing firm, owners charged with failing to comply with MOE order

BRANTFORD, ONT-Aylmer Meat Packers, along with company owners and operators Richard Walter Clare and Elaine Irene Warren have been charged with failing to comply with one term of a provincial officer order issued by the Ministry of Environment (MOE). Clare and Warren, who are officers and directors of Aylmer Meat Packers, own and operate a large beef feed lot and transfer facility in the County of Brant (formerly Burford Township). On October 25, 2002, a provincial officer order issued to Clare, Warren and the company directed them to take action to prevent discharges of liquid waste from the beef feed lot. The charge against the three parties, under section 107(2) of the Ontario Water Resources Act, alleges that they failed to comply with a condition of the order requiring the decommissioning of an earthen storage pond by April 15, 2003.
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