March 8, 2004

New team will report on causes, prevention of industrial spills, noxious air emissions

TORONTO, ONT-Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky recently announced the creation of an Industrial Pollution Action Team to provide recommendations on how to prevent spills and hazardous air emissions. The team will examine the causes of industrial spills and dangerous air emissions and recommend prevention measures for industry and others within 30 days. "Recent events along the St Clair River demonstrate the need for strong action to keep communities across the province clean and safe," said Dombrowsky. "I want this team to get to the root of the problem and come up with ideas to prevent spills and dangerous air emissions from happening now and in the future." After a decade where no spills caused the closure of downstream drinking water intakes, industries along the St Clair River have been responsible for a number of spills in the past six months, including two which resulted in the closure of intakes. Membership of the Industrial Pollution Action Team will be announced shortly. Its establishment comes two weeks after the Minister deployed the environmental SWAT Team to conduct an inspection sweep of companies in the Sarnia area. SWAT has begun inspecting facilities and its work will complement and provide additional information to the action team.
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