December 1, 2003

Ontario Throne Speech pledges measures to benefit environment

TORONTO, ONT-Tackling Ontario's $5.6 billion deficit will likely postpone some of the election promises made by Ontario's new Liberal government. The deficit, said Premier Dalton McGuinty, "not only threatens the improvements we are determined to make. It threatens the public services we have now. We have to secure our fiscal foundation so we can build better schools on a firm foundation, better hospitals on a firm foundation, and stronger communities on a firm foundation." McGuinty made his comments as Ontario Lieutenant Governor James Bartleman presented the Throne Speech opening the First Session of the 38th Parliament. In addition to education and health care commitments, the government has pledged to strengthen communities and the provincial economy, including a permanent greenbelt across the Golden Horseshoe, a ban on the disposal of untreated toxic sludge, protection of drinking water and freshwater resources, a plan to ensure stable and reliable electricity and measures to stop urban sprawl.
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