January 19, 2004

Auto dealership operators plead guilty to Drive Clean offences

TORONTO, ONT-Issahar Khan Jr, an operator of Khartoum Auto Sales in Scarborough, pleaded guilty to two charges of falsifying Drive Clean inspection reports and was fined $4,000 plus a 25% fine surcharge. The court was told that in March 2002, Khan sold a forged Drive Clean inspection report to the owner of a 1988 Honda Accord, enabling the owner to obtain licence plates for the car. The car had failed its Drive Clean test at an accredited facility on March 12, 2002. The car also failed a Drive Clean test at a government testing facility on May 29, 2002. Khan was fined $2,000 for each of two violations of the Drive Clean regulations under Ontario's Environmental Protection Act: permitting the operation of a car that does not meet Drive Clean emissions standards, and contravening the regulation stating that no person other than a certified Drive Clean inspector can determine compliance with provincial emissions standards. In addition, Issahar Khan Sr, also an operator of Khartoum Auto Sales, was fined $2,000, plus a 25% victim fine surcharge, after pleading guilty to selling a motor vehicle which did not comply with Drive Clean emissions standards, in contravention of the Act. Khan sold a 1991 Honda Accord in October 2002, having used a falsified inspection report to obtain licence plates for the vehicle after the Accord failed its Drive Clean test.
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