October 18-25, 2004

Tests confirm Sonic treatment process compliance with BC hazwaste rules

VANCOUVER, BC-Sonic Environmental Solutions recently reported that the British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land, and Air Protection (WLAP) has confirmed that Sonic has successfully complied with requirements of the hazardous waste regulations under the Environmental Management Act. Sonic's proprietary Sonoprocess has been demonstrated effective in treating hazardous waste containing PCB to meet regulatory requirements. These include the requirements set out in Division 3 - "Requirements for Treatment Facilities," Sections 18(2), 18(3), 19(1), and 19(2) of the regulation. These sections deal with the requirements for demonstrating the effectiveness of a new process to treat hazardous waste, emissions to the atmosphere resulting from the treatment and any discharge of effluent to the environment. Sonic undertook a rigorous test program earlier this year to comply with the Ministry's requirements for mobile or fixed treatment facilities to be operated in BC. Independent monitoring of the tests was conducted by URS Canada, which submitted its report to the Ministry in August. Having received confirmation of compliance from the BC Ministry, Sonic plans to make similar applications in other jurisdictions. It will continue working with URS Canada as its qualified professional consultants to compile and submit the necessary information for approval in Ontario and other North American jurisdictions. More information is available by E-mail at info@sesi.ca.
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