October 18-25, 2004

ECO/People (October 18, 2004)

Appointments announced on October 12 by Manitoba Premier Gary Doer include the departure of veteran MLA Dave Chomiak from his position as Canada's longest-serving provincial health minister to become Minister of Energy, Science and Technology. He is switching portfolios with Tim Sale, who is now the new Minister of Health. "Dave Chomiak has the experience and savvy to take the energy portfolio to the next level, which includes some of Manitoba's most challenging new initiatives such as the negotiation of the power sale with Ontario," Doer said. "There is no tougher job in Canada than that of a provincial minister of health. And no one has done it better than Dave, who brought an incredible blend of compassion, intelligence, enthusiasm and experience to the position," he added. Thanking Sale for his work as energy minister, Doer said "Tim took the reigns of the new department and turned it into a powerhouse portfolio. He became a leading voice on Kyoto and climate change, and worked tirelessly to advance the merits of clean energy."

Fernando Sinn has been appointed chief operating officer of EnviroTire Technologies and Glidepath Manufacturing Industries, both subsidiaries of Unisphere Waste Conversion. His appointment is effective immediately. Unisphere reports that Victor Sibilia, former president and CEO of EnviroTire and Glidepath and a senior vice-president of Unisphere, is no longer an officer or an employee of any of these firms. Sinn, who is also COO for Unisphere, has extensive experience in operations with Magna International and as a consultant to Ford and General Motors. Unisphere's recent acquisition of Wellington Polymer Technologies, in Chatham, Ontario, together with previous additions of EnviroTire and Glidepath support Unisphere's vertical integration strategy as the means by which the company aims to become a Canadian and international leader in the remediation and conversion of used tires through the manufacture of products such as roofing materials, shoe soles, commercial and industrial mat and floor tiles, crumb rubber and tire-derived fuel. More information is available on the company's Web site, www.unisphere.ca.

Dr Richard Lu has been selected to fill the newly-created position of Chief Conservation Officer for Toronto Hydro. He will retain his current position as vice-president, environment, health and safety (EHS). "This appointment is a direct result of the bold leadership the provincial government is taking in creating a 'Conservation Culture' in Ontario," said Toronto Hydro president and CEO David O'Brien. "Meeting electricity conservation targets is one of our top priorities. Dr Lu has the knowledge and expertise to develop programs in concert with government, industry and environmental groups, and understands keenly the need for public conservation education." Dr Lu's previous experience with Enbridge Consumers Gas and Husky Injection Molding Systems resulted in significant EHS achievements for both these companies. Toronto Hydro's conservation and environmental programs have created one of Canada's most progressive fleet departments: biodiesel is used in its entire diesel fleet and all gasoline-powered vehicles now run on 10% ethanol-enhanced fuel. Toronto Hydro is also a joint owner in North America's first urban wind turbine at the Exhibition Place and recently installed the largest solar panel system in Toronto at its 500 Commissioners Street location. Through initiatives such as smart metering and other technologies, incentive programs and the further development of clean and renewable generation technologies, Dr Lu will drive Toronto Hydro's agenda to reduce the demand for electricity by both business and residential customers in Toronto.

Environmental Management Solutions, in Toronto, has appointed Tony Busseri as its permanent chief executive officer, replacing Michael MacDonald who had been serving as the company's interim CEO. Busseri was previously a principal in Growth Equity Partners, an advisory services firm and private equity fund which he founded in 2001. He was also the founding president and served as CEO for Capital Environmental Resource, a waste management services company.

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