October 18-25, 2004

Pesticide agency introduces Web-based environmental, health data reporting system

OTTAWA, ONT-Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has developed what it says is the world's first Web-based service for conducting pesticide regulatory transactions. The PMRA Electronic Regulatory System, dubbed e-PRS, will transform pesticide regulation in Canada by allowing companies to conduct secure web-based transactions when submitting applications and to provide essential health and environmental data to the PMRA more quickly using the Internet and the federal government's On-Line secure channel service. System. "New pesticide applications submitted to the PMRA in the past have included an average of 30,000 pages of mandatory health and environmental data for review," explained Wendy Sexsmith, acting executive director of the PMRA. "In light of this fact, e-PRS was designed to enable the same volume of data to be delivered to PMRA securely and quickly by the simple push of a button." The electronic system will also strengthen the PMRA's ability to process, review and report to the public on pesticide information as required under the new Pest Control Products Act, which will come into force as soon as possible in 2005. More information is available on the PMRA Web site, www.pmra-arla.gc.ca.
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