July/August 2003

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The Story Behind Sarah's Angels

In June 2003, a New Brunswick fan of CBC Radio called the station to find out the story behind the Sarah's Angels collection of figurines. Many people who received these angels as gifts reported experiencing very special and touching personal memories of love through them. And, as their popularity increased, speculation as to the origin of the figurines grew.

In fact, the Sarah's Angel was named in memory of Mrs. Sarah Lee, whose angelic personality touched the lives of the many people who knew her. Sarah was diagnosed with liver cancer in June 1996, and told by her doctors that she had only six to 12 months to live. Believing that it was not yet her time to go, she asked God for more time on earth. She did this, not for herself, but so that she could minister God's love to other hurting and needy people.

God granted her prayers, and Sarah was not taken home by the Lord until January 12, 2000 at the age of 40. In one of her prayer times during her sickness, Sarah saw ministering angels and felt God's presence and love in her room. Despite being weak and bedridden, she continued to pray for people around her. Sarah always had an encouraging message of love for everyone and touched lives in a very deep and precious way. The Sarah's Angel was designed and named in remembrance of her courageous faith and life.

As time has passed, many anecdotes have been received about how the Sarah's Angels have brought special loving moments and poignant memories to families. The Sarah's Angel is a legacy of love, which truly reflects Sarah's personal prayers for people to love one and other.

~ Wai Yin Lee, Cherison Enterprises

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