June 30/July 7, 2003

Manitoba launches annual zebra mussel inspection campaign

WINNIPEG, MAN-An annual inspection and information program, officially launched June 24 by Manitoba Conservation Minister Steve Ashton, will focus on keeping zebra mussels out of the province by inspecting all boats jet skis and other water craft on trailers crossing the Ontario and international borders. "We want to prevent accidental introduction of zebra mussels and other invasive species into Manitoba's waterways," Ashton said. The inspection program will also remove from trailer-mounted water craft any aquatic vegetation that may be foreign to the province or may contain foreign organisms. Inspection teams will be stationed in Whiteshell Provincial Park, at Emerson and Sprague, and at boat launches along the Red River corridor. Zebra mussels are not currently found in Manitoba, but have spread rapidly through the Great Lakes system and are close to the province's watershed boundaries.
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