August 26, 2002

EPIC offers fall seminars

EPIC Educational Program Innovations Center is offering a training course on Integrated Management Systems-Environment, Health, Safety and Quality. Evening sessions will begin September 16 and conclude November 18.

Dates and titles of other forthcoming seminars and conferences are as follows:

September 30-October 1: Emergency Preparedness and Response;

October 1-3: Landfill Design and Performance for Long-term Performance;

October 2-3: Environmental Data Management;

October 29-30: Achieving Water Quality Standards by Effective Stormwater Management;

November 19-20: Environmental Litigation-Advanced Forensics and Legal Strategies.

All courses are held at EPIC's Learning Centre, 5759 Coopers Ave, Mississauga, Ont. More information is available from EPIC, 1-888-374-2338, FAX 1-800-866-6343, E-mail, Web site

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