December 11, 2000

Technology (December 11, 2000)

Innovative building site heating system reduces emissions, costs

An innovative construction site heating system developed by Dryair 2000, of Aylmer, Quebec, is helping industrial, commercial and institutional clients cut site heating costs while it reduces emissions associated with conventional heating systems.

   The portable, large-scale Dryair system consists of a glycol-fuelled furnace which sits outside the building, in contrast to conventional heating systems which, although powered by clean-burning natural gas or propane, are typically situated inside. The heat generated by the Dryair unit is piped inside to a series of coils which distribute the heat evenly throughout the building site, explains Dryair chairman Pierre Bourgault.

   As a result, there are fewer carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide or greenhouse gas emissions released into the working environment. As well, the system is equipped with strong blowers which provide better distribution of the heated air throughout the site. This results in lower intake air requirements, which in turn help lower energy costs, says Bourgault. Heating costs at commercial construction sites can be reduced by up to 50%.

   Conventional natural gas or propane-fuelled heaters also release high levels of moisture into the work environment, which can adversely affect construction materials such as drywall or concrete. The Dryair system provides much dryer heat, improving the quality of the construction work. A full heating system for a commercial construction site can be set up in less than 24 hours.

   The company has a manufacturing operation in Saskatchewan and will be expanding its Aylmer facility this spring. Test markets have been established in Ottawa and Calgary, and Bourgault reports that some 150 projects have utilized the Dryair system, including a handfull in the Toronto area. The technology is also a two-time winner of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Award for Business Excellence, in the new product category last year and the environmental product category this year.

   More information is available from Pierre Bourgault, chairman, Dryair 2000, 819/777-1586.

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