January 28, 2000

No further review Deemed necessary for Grand-Mere project

The Minister's decision was based on information provided the Comprehensive Study, public comments received, and the response by the federal responsible authority (the Department of Fisheries and Oceans) to the comments. One of the concerns raised pertained to the new method of operating the facility, which entails adjusting the flow of water to the demand for power. It was suggested that resulting water level fluctuations might affect the ice cover and limit access for recreational purposes. In response, the EA report recommended a rigorous follow-up program and listed precise measures, including adjusting the flow of water so as to ensure the stability of the ice cover.

The Grand-Mere project is intended to replace Hydro-Quebec's existing facility which is nearing the end of its service life. The project will include several new works: a 220-megawatter power station, three spillway installations, and a switching yard. The existing spillway and outlet will be levelled and the existing power station will be taken out of service and used as a water retention work.

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