January 28, 2000

DuPont seeks to accelerate energy use reduction

DuPont Canada has contracted Agra Cogenex to help it accelerate its energy conservation efforts. Under the terms of a Master Energy Service Agreement signed this week, Agra Cogenex will develop and implement energy savings programs for all DuPont Canada sites. The company has six manufacturing operations in Canada.

The two companies will work together to review all aspects of DuPont's energy needs, determine ways to save energy costs and install new equipment and processes to improve operating efficiencies.

"With this agreement, DuPont Canada expects to increase the rate at which it will implement economical energy conservation measures toward its energy conservation goals," said company chairman, president and CEO Dave Colcleugh. "Through our participation in the Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC), we will work to leverage our experience and encourage other industrial companies to accelerate their energy conservation efforts," he added.

Agra Cogenex is a 50-50 partnership between Agra Monenco, an engineering subsidiary of Toronto-based Agra, and EUA Cogenex, of Lowell, Massachusetts. The latter firm operates throughout North America as a performance contractor to implement performance improvements and reduce operating costs for its clients.

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